About Us

Our mindset

Innovation is Key

SEO is a billion dollar industry. While most companies started their journey in business angle, our story is different. Even prior to the launch of Ploxim, we’re very successful in doing SEO campaigns for over seven years.

Later on due to the demand, we launched our company, thus our way of work is somewhat differs and ahead of others. Due to the core knowledge & deep passion towards SEO, we are more focused on bringing SEO results rather than satisfying clients with excel reports.

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Our Vision

Why Choose us

There are some solid reasons on why you should choose us.

Advanced SEO

We breathe SEO. We run several tests every month, to make sure we're working on the future-proof advanced SEO techniques based on Google patents and algorithms.

SEO Monitoring

Unlike others, we don’t send you to excel reports and we’re proud of our transparent work, clients can monitor our work 24×7 through our real-time portal


With over seven years of experience, we successfully came across multiple Google algorithms.

Enterprise Grade SEO

When we say, Enterprise, we mean it. We are beating some of the big players in industry like Amazon.in and Flipkart.


We believe in smart work bringing results. We try our hard to satisfy you with results instead of sending monthly reports

We’re a world company

While our core team works from Chennai, our team is truly global, we’ve our remote employees from US & UK and Asia.

Results From our Recent Work

get 20x more Conversion & Leads When Ranking at Top 3 Position!

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