2020 Year in Review

The 2020 Year in Review at Ploxim

2020 has been an incredible year at Ploxim with great improvements in revenue and learnings. We started the year with no big ambitions and continued with routine works.

A little bit of introduction: Ploxim is an internet company that works towards making Internet a better place to find the best solution for your needs.

This is the first of its kind post from our company to document our motto, workflow, etc., which would be good for our future employees/clients/partners to know better about us.

Coming up next is the list of important updates of 2020.

2020 Year in Review

COVID helped us to grow better

It doesn’t feel good to say, “COVID made us to grow bigger” but the impact it made everyone to move online for their daily needs and work.

Few of our sites achieved highest ever traffic:

Random Project 1
Business site 1

We mostly work across US and India niches and all the sites managed to grab good share of traffic till now.

Productive Remote Team

“Remote Work” might be a new term for most but not with anyone at Ploxim. Right from the beginning, I was clear about remote work. I mean, there is no need for employees to come office every day to do their job.

While our company was officially founded in 2018, I’ve been working remotely since 2016. I was able to achieve peak productivity in all those years. It also gives you the freedom to work from anywhere without any hassles. Being a travel freak, I can’t ask more than this.

Thus, I built our workflow with remote work as a priority. We use many tools like Asana, Slack, Trello, and Airtable to communicate within our team.

Months back, I’ve helped my friend’s company to move their business online by sharing our digital management workflow. It was a great experience to rebuild things for them.

We’re not a 100% remote company and still have employees who work from the office. Although, with greater possibility, we will be 100% remote in the coming years, if everything goes well (so that I can travel more).

Stopped Client SEO

With so much vast knowledge of SEO, nothing can stop us from ranking any kind of site. However, there is a kind of distraction working on own projects and clients, and it affects our productivity.

Also, our recent leads ask us to rank their sites in around 3-4 months at an affordable budget while their competitors are spending 20x higher budget. We said NO to most as it’s not possible for anyone to rank a site in short time.

Connecting all the things, we temporarily stopped taking new clients for our SEO services. Although, if you have a great budget and product, do reach us.

2020 & Beyond

From Mohanraj, Director – Ploxim:

With each passing day, I’m getting more excited about my work. We’re automating most of the workflow, thus reducing 80% of the manual works.

We’re in talks with Joint Venture for our ambitious projects. There are numerous in-house projects brewing at various stages of development and ready to kick-in at the right time. I also have a strong desire to build an even greater team in 2021.

Once again, I thank everyone out there for your continuous support to grow us strong every year. Catch you all soon, with the next update.